Managed Website Hosting

Fast. Secure. Local.

More Than Just a Server

Hosting is the essential foundation for a successful website, providing both storage for your website’s content and processing power for your website’s software.

Not only is Redwood Curtain Design’s web hosting lightning-fast, it also includes a host of features to keep your website secure and your users happy, all powered by a local team who understands your needs.

Packed With Benefits

Each hosting plan comes with a long list of features to keep your site running at its peak.

DNS/MX/WHOIS record management

Record administration to keep traffic flowing how you need.

Annual renewal of one domain name

Consolidate your costs and ease of management.

SSL Security Certificate installation and renewal

Protect your visitor’s information. Powered by Let’s Encrypt.

Malware protection

Daily scans of your site for viruses and automatic removal of infections.

More advanced infections may require manual intervention.

Daily offsite backups

Protection from problems, large and small.

Automatic software updates

Performance and security updates are applied as soon as they’re released.

Available for WordPress and core server software (e.g., PHP).

Enhanced email deliverability

Emails sent from your website are sent through dedicated infrastructure.

Software licenses

Divi, Pro, and Gravity Forms licenses are included as needed.

Basic bot & D/DOS protection

Protect bad actors from even finding your site.

Affordable Pricing


per month
Monthly, quarterly, or annual billing available. Discounts available for annual billing!

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